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Workplace Bullying & Harassment Advocate | Personality Dimensions Facilitator | Career Coach & Mentorship Specialist |Diversity & Inclusion Advisor
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Mentorship is an important part of my life and every day I am reminded that parents are our first mentors. We mirror their every word and action which sometimes can be a good or bad thing. As women, we are seen as everyone’s mother, especially Caribbean women. …

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Yes, 2020 was an unusual year, and we had way too much time on our hands. Way too much! COVID-19 reminded me of that time a teacher put me on a timeout. “Stand facing the corner of that wall and think what you’ve done”. …

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As I face up to Christmas 2020 my most enduring memory is of my mother as she prepares for her all-night baking, going through the marked-off pages of her treasured Five Roses recipe book by Sylvia Hunt. …

Published by CN Admin3 at December 1, 2020



By Camille Rambharat

As I write I think about my grandmother, my first and most enduring image of a strong, forward-thinking woman. Strong, beautiful and classy, ‘Aiyee’, ‘Iris’, ‘Ma’ and later ‘Gwen’ when we found out her name wasn’t ‘Iris’…

Black Lives Matter: Time to Act Against Abuse

George Floyd was murdered with a police officer’s knee stuck to his neck. Not only his air but his dignity was snuffed out. “Please – I can’t breathe”. Neither could I. It’s a natural thing to do except under the knees of…

Camille Mc Millan Rambharat

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